So, I hit…submit!

Published July 5, 2017 by nikigreen

I did it. After months and months of doubting myself…I hit submit.

Now, its time to be positive (fingers crossed) and hope that I have found a new home for my heartthrobs and their lovely ladies. I still have work, work, work to do on the books to come, but…I’m working.

We let too much doubt get in our way. I’ve doubted myself. I’ve doubted my writing. I’ve doubted my voice. We doubt too much. I have found that doubt has kept me at bay more than anyone or anything else in my life. I’m trying to adopt the same attitude and drive I had a one point in time in my career.

You know what I realized…no one else was holding me back, but myself. True, life does get in the way. I had a ‘job’ that I thought I had to be ‘perfect’ at…even though perfection was never going to be accomplished. I thought I had found a place where I could write and work and then rinse and repeat and it didn’t work out the way I would have liked…surprise…that’s life!

But, instead of taking my own advice and just getting the words on the page and them go back and make them ‘better’..I gave into doubt.

I’m done with doubting. If I haven’t found a home with this publisher (I really want this to be my home) I will submit again, write a little more, submit and write, submit and write. Like I said, lather, rinse, repeat.

We give up on ourselves faster that others do. I forgot this or I ignored it for far too long. I let myself be my own worst enemy…I may always be my own worst critic, but I’ll get over it. If I don’t…how will I know what I am capable of?

But…I hit submit. Baby steps. I took them once before and I have no problem taking them again.

I want to thank everyone who has ever asked about me or what I’m up to. You don’t realize how much that means to me.

But, now I have to jet. I have a cowboy fixing to fall in love, a rowdy redhead who is already head over heels and some rather lusty scenes to get out of my brain and onto the screen. Just so you know…I still blush from time to time and I hope I always will.

Two steps forward and I’ll be damned if I step two steps back again!!!


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