Is it May already?!?!?!

Published May 15, 2017 by nikigreen

I can’t believe it May…seriously?

I’m a bad blogger…I don’t mean to be. As a matter of fact, I set up a certain schedule for me to post at least once a week, but I lost it. Organized is not my middle name. But, they say unorganized and messy people are highly intelligent…or did I just make that up?

So, just to recap the last few weeks…months.  I am writing,  but my other career (the one where I am considered a  grown up…if only they knew) has taken a turn…a good turn, but a turn.

I am writing and I am submitting the last two ‘Roped’ books to another publishing house. As you all must know, Samhain Publishing closed their doors for good…this time around. I have found a publishing house I am very excited about and I think that ‘MY’ men would love to make themselves a home there.

Jason, is finished, but my cowboy needs a little bit of polishing. He was beautiful to begin with, but he’s come up with some things he needs to say and I need to let him. He’s found a way to make my heart melt (and a certain other lady’s as well) here lately. I never would have thought it of him…boy, was I surprised.

I also have a ‘Roped’ 2.5 that came out of no where I think needs to be slid into place. Let’s face it…it’s been a while since the boys have ‘lived’ and I really want every one to see what they’ve been up to since Breaking Brent. They’ve been rascals.

Stayed tuned…because (I’m crossing my finger) I’m hoping they find a home soon:)


2 comments on “Is it May already?!?!?!

    • I submitted my previously published books to a new house today and I’m waiting on a reply. As soon as I know anything from them, hopefully a yes, I will submit the next two. I think most people have guessed that Jason’s book will be next and I hope I don’t disappoint with his story. I’ve got book four started and so far, I’m loving how their relationship is developing. I hope I can give you good news soon.

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