Business Casual??

Published January 26, 2017 by nikigreen

I’m going to be so honest right now…what the hell is ‘business casual’ anymore?  I work from home 22 days out of every month and , if for any reason, I have to Facetime or Zoom I make sure I have on makeup, my wild hair is somewhat tamed and I have a ‘cute’ top on. Of course, no one ever sees the Star Wars or Captain America lounge pants I have on.

Don’t judge…I’m head over heels for Captain America.

Back to my original question…business casual. I’ve seen  a lot of ‘outfits’ lately that don’t seem very business casual to me. Skinny jeans, flip flops and a t-shirt or polo type shirt that could be a little bit longer. Is this business casual today?

My business casual, before working mostly at home, was black pants and simple, but cute, top and my watch…if you were lucky I had earrings on. Don’t get me wrong, I LOVE to go casual (hello, remember my Captain America pants) but I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE getting dressed up. When we go out (the hubby and I or out with family or friends) my makeup is one step below showgirl. I take the time to do the whole smoky eye and lush lashes and I leave a little sparkle wherever I go…top priority…always leave a little sparkle behind you.

So, business casual has changed, right? I’m not fussing, I just was never THAT casual at work. Now, when I do business casual I do have the skinny jeans, boots or cutey flats and a top on (people frown when you forget that top). But I don’t meet with people, business people, wearing a t-shirt…I’m just confused.


What is business casual to you? What is business casual at your workplace? Can I really step out in my Captain America pants, a tunic top to match and flip flops…or is that too casual and more ‘it’s bedtime’?


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