Cowboys, Soldiers and Three Piece Suits

Published January 17, 2017 by nikigreen

Cowboys? Soldiers? Or those gorgeous men in three piece suits…who is your ‘go to’ hero.

I’ll admit, I kinda like when they’re all rolled into one. I’ve been reading, researching and writing and the more I do I notice how all these ‘men’ are ohhh so sexy…in their own way.

I mean, lets be honest, who doesn’t want a hardworking cowboy to sweep us off our feet? Or a soldier, Marine or any member of the Armed Forces to protect us? And those three piece suits…what’s hiding behind those buttons?

These three hero types are a big deal…but I’ve also noticed a couple of new heroes getting a little love. The athlete. The country or rock ‘n’ roll honey. The computer nerd who just happens to be built like no other.  I’m glad to see more and more of each of these heroes.

When I write I know ‘what’ my heroes are…they’re cowboys. Well, most of them are, right now. But, who are they? Chase was my total Alpha man. He knew who and what he wanted and he took it. Brent was my brooding cowboy who wanted his heart to stay behind that 10 foot wall he tried to build. Jason is…you’ll have to wait and see who Jason is.

One thing I always do…or I try to do is let a little humor in. Love and falling in love is not all serious business. Yes, things get serious and life gets in the way and it can get ugly, but it’s not all serious and ugly.

There are those moments when you have to laugh. I like to laugh. I think being able to fall in love with a hero and his lady love and also being able to laugh with them and at them are extremely important.

Not every page has to be covered with angst, need, and wanting. Those things are present, but they don’t always have to take center stage. I recently read an incredible book and I couldn’t help but laugh at the goofy, but adorable and sexy nerd hero. He was so honest in what he wanted and felt he tripped over his tongue and stuck his foot in his mouth more than once.

So, do you always want your cowboys, soldiers and three piece suits or do you secretly harbor the need for a sexy nerd? Or the country singer who has a way with a guitar?

Who do you want to fall in love with and why? I’m all ears:)


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