The Soundtrack To My Life…

Published January 3, 2017 by nikigreen

I’ve heard that people have ‘soundtracks to their life’, I have soundtracks to other people’s lives, hahahahaha.

I was reading and writing and repeating last night and listening to the soundtrack to Jason’s story…it didn’t occur to me until the ninth or tenth song that Jason Aldean is dominating this soundtrack.  A Jason for a Jason..I like it.

I’m not one of those people who listen to one genre and one genre only…I think I would go crazy. (I may be a little crazy anyway.) But I can definitely see a pattern evolving depending on whose story I am writing.

Jason’s soundtrack includes:

Jason’s Aldean’s: Tonight Looks Good On You, Night Train, Stay (a little while), My Kinda Party, The Truth, She’s Country

Kenny Chesney’s: Come Over & Somewhere With You

Luke Bryan’s: That’s My Kinda Night & I Don’t Want This Night To End

Lady Antebellum’s: Just A Kiss

I listen to a lot of music. A lot. But these songs just seemed to help Jason ‘move along’. I love it. Characters come to life with music, in my opinion. So, I’m asking…what do you listen to.

What songs do you think I should listen to?

Who do you love?

What do you love?

What songs am I missing out on?

Let me know…I’m all ears;)


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