Ready or not…

Published December 30, 2016 by nikigreen

So….I printed out Jason’s story and then promptly dropped every single page in the floor. I played a wild game of pick me up for a while. I’ve edited and edited and I’m about to take a deep breath, say a big prayer and hit ‘send’. But I’m hesitating…why??

If I can’t admit it here, I guess I can’t admit it anywhere, I’m a little scared.

I’m not ashamed if being fearful…I think I’m pretty brave for putting those where I can see them. They’ve been running amuck in my mind for far too long. So….Niki…what are you going to do??

I’m going to go back to page one. Read it and then read page two…and when I’ve read all the way to the words ‘The End’…I’m hitting send.

No IF’s, AND’s, or BUT’s about it.ย  I’ve let all tose negative words and thoughts put my writing on the back burner for far too long. I’m turning that burner off and it’s staying that way.

Ready or not.

Here they come.

Jason Kiel…it’s been long enough, good lookin’. It’s time to cowboy up and go get your ‘happily ever after’



7 comments on “Ready or not…

  • God I hope so because I have enjoyed reading your 2 books so far. I keep your books active on my nook reading shelf because I frequently reread your storys.

    • I feel that way too. I didn’t realize that life had gotten int he way of what I love to do. I love my life, but there were a few things I let get in the way of what I love. I’m so blessed to have a husband and a kiddo who stand behind me. I hope to have news soon concerning Jason’s story…but he’s not the only one who has a story on the board:)

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