When in doubt…

Published December 5, 2016 by nikigreen

When in doubt…don’t.

I doubt myself all the time. Should I?  Probably not, but I do it anyway. So…I’m not going to do it anymore…I could be lying to myself…but I’m going to do my best not to.

Doubt is what murders a dream. It destroys what could be. I’m not about to murder or destroy what I started so many years ago. I haven’t done the people in my head justice.

They have stories and I want to tell those stories. So, that’s what I’m going to do. I have 209 pages printed and sitting in my lap. I’m about to put a red pen to them and see what happens.

When in doubt…don’t.


2 comments on “When in doubt…

  • So I am excited to see you are writing. Breaking Brent is one of my favorite books. I just read it again today for probably the 100th time since I first read it. I hope you will be able to write the rest of the Roped series the Kiel brothers are intriguing. Best of luck on your writing.

    • Jill,

      I just saw your comment and it brought the biggest smile to my face. I also noticed the date you sent it…December 13th was the day I got the offer for The Real Deal from Samhain:)

      I am writing and editing and re-writing…its a vicious cycle. I’m trying my best to get Jason’s book all together. He seems to be my sister’s favorite character and she’s on my back to get back to him and get him ‘done’.

      I hope to have news soon!!!

      Thank you so much for loving Brent. Those brooding cowboys have a special place in my heart too.

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