So, I hit…submit!

Published July 5, 2017 by nikigreen

I did it. After months and months of doubting myself…I hit submit.

Now, its time to be positive (fingers crossed) and hope that I have found a new home for my heartthrobs and their lovely ladies. I still have work, work, work to do on the books to come, but…I’m working.

We let too much doubt get in our way. I’ve doubted myself. I’ve doubted my writing. I’ve doubted my voice. We doubt too much. I have found that doubt has kept me at bay more than anyone or anything else in my life. I’m trying to adopt the same attitude and drive I had a one point in time in my career.

You know what I realized…no one else was holding me back, but myself. True, life does get in the way. I had a ‘job’ that I thought I had to be ‘perfect’ at…even though perfection was never going to be accomplished. I thought I had found a place where I could write and work and then rinse and repeat and it didn’t work out the way I would have liked…surprise…that’s life!

But, instead of taking my own advice and just getting the words on the page and them go back and make them ‘better’..I gave into doubt.

I’m done with doubting. If I haven’t found a home with this publisher (I really want this to be my home) I will submit again, write a little more, submit and write, submit and write. Like I said, lather, rinse, repeat.

We give up on ourselves faster that others do. I forgot this or I ignored it for far too long. I let myself be my own worst enemy…I may always be my own worst critic, but I’ll get over it. If I don’t…how will I know what I am capable of?

But…I hit submit. Baby steps. I took them once before and I have no problem taking them again.

I want to thank everyone who has ever asked about me or what I’m up to. You don’t realize how much that means to me.

But, now I have to jet. I have a cowboy fixing to fall in love, a rowdy redhead who is already head over heels and some rather lusty scenes to get out of my brain and onto the screen. Just so you know…I still blush from time to time and I hope I always will.

Two steps forward and I’ll be damned if I step two steps back again!!!

Is it May already?!?!?!

Published May 15, 2017 by nikigreen

I can’t believe it May…seriously?

I’m a bad blogger…I don’t mean to be. As a matter of fact, I set up a certain schedule for me to post at least once a week, but I lost it. Organized is not my middle name. But, they say unorganized and messy people are highly intelligent…or did I just make that up?

So, just to recap the last few weeks…months.  I am writing,  but my other career (the one where I am considered a  grown up…if only they knew) has taken a turn…a good turn, but a turn.

I am writing and I am submitting the last two ‘Roped’ books to another publishing house. As you all must know, Samhain Publishing closed their doors for good…this time around. I have found a publishing house I am very excited about and I think that ‘MY’ men would love to make themselves a home there.

Jason, is finished, but my cowboy needs a little bit of polishing. He was beautiful to begin with, but he’s come up with some things he needs to say and I need to let him. He’s found a way to make my heart melt (and a certain other lady’s as well) here lately. I never would have thought it of him…boy, was I surprised.

I also have a ‘Roped’ 2.5 that came out of no where I think needs to be slid into place. Let’s face it…it’s been a while since the boys have ‘lived’ and I really want every one to see what they’ve been up to since Breaking Brent. They’ve been rascals.

Stayed tuned…because (I’m crossing my finger) I’m hoping they find a home soon:)

Business Casual??

Published January 26, 2017 by nikigreen

I’m going to be so honest right now…what the hell is ‘business casual’ anymore?  I work from home 22 days out of every month and , if for any reason, I have to Facetime or Zoom I make sure I have on makeup, my wild hair is somewhat tamed and I have a ‘cute’ top on. Of course, no one ever sees the Star Wars or Captain America lounge pants I have on.

Don’t judge…I’m head over heels for Captain America.

Back to my original question…business casual. I’ve seen  a lot of ‘outfits’ lately that don’t seem very business casual to me. Skinny jeans, flip flops and a t-shirt or polo type shirt that could be a little bit longer. Is this business casual today?

My business casual, before working mostly at home, was black pants and simple, but cute, top and my watch…if you were lucky I had earrings on. Don’t get me wrong, I LOVE to go casual (hello, remember my Captain America pants) but I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE getting dressed up. When we go out (the hubby and I or out with family or friends) my makeup is one step below showgirl. I take the time to do the whole smoky eye and lush lashes and I leave a little sparkle wherever I go…top priority…always leave a little sparkle behind you.

So, business casual has changed, right? I’m not fussing, I just was never THAT casual at work. Now, when I do business casual I do have the skinny jeans, boots or cutey flats and a top on (people frown when you forget that top). But I don’t meet with people, business people, wearing a t-shirt…I’m just confused.


What is business casual to you? What is business casual at your workplace? Can I really step out in my Captain America pants, a tunic top to match and flip flops…or is that too casual and more ‘it’s bedtime’?

Cowboys, Soldiers and Three Piece Suits

Published January 17, 2017 by nikigreen

Cowboys? Soldiers? Or those gorgeous men in three piece suits…who is your ‘go to’ hero.

I’ll admit, I kinda like when they’re all rolled into one. I’ve been reading, researching and writing and the more I do I notice how all these ‘men’ are ohhh so sexy…in their own way.

I mean, lets be honest, who doesn’t want a hardworking cowboy to sweep us off our feet? Or a soldier, Marine or any member of the Armed Forces to protect us? And those three piece suits…what’s hiding behind those buttons?

These three hero types are a big deal…but I’ve also noticed a couple of new heroes getting a little love. The athlete. The country or rock ‘n’ roll honey. The computer nerd who just happens to be built like no other.  I’m glad to see more and more of each of these heroes.

When I write I know ‘what’ my heroes are…they’re cowboys. Well, most of them are, right now. But, who are they? Chase was my total Alpha man. He knew who and what he wanted and he took it. Brent was my brooding cowboy who wanted his heart to stay behind that 10 foot wall he tried to build. Jason is…you’ll have to wait and see who Jason is.

One thing I always do…or I try to do is let a little humor in. Love and falling in love is not all serious business. Yes, things get serious and life gets in the way and it can get ugly, but it’s not all serious and ugly.

There are those moments when you have to laugh. I like to laugh. I think being able to fall in love with a hero and his lady love and also being able to laugh with them and at them are extremely important.

Not every page has to be covered with angst, need, and wanting. Those things are present, but they don’t always have to take center stage. I recently read an incredible book and I couldn’t help but laugh at the goofy, but adorable and sexy nerd hero. He was so honest in what he wanted and felt he tripped over his tongue and stuck his foot in his mouth more than once.

So, do you always want your cowboys, soldiers and three piece suits or do you secretly harbor the need for a sexy nerd? Or the country singer who has a way with a guitar?

Who do you want to fall in love with and why? I’m all ears:)

The Soundtrack To My Life…

Published January 3, 2017 by nikigreen

I’ve heard that people have ‘soundtracks to their life’, I have soundtracks to other people’s lives, hahahahaha.

I was reading and writing and repeating last night and listening to the soundtrack to Jason’s story…it didn’t occur to me until the ninth or tenth song that Jason Aldean is dominating this soundtrack.  A Jason for a Jason..I like it.

I’m not one of those people who listen to one genre and one genre only…I think I would go crazy. (I may be a little crazy anyway.) But I can definitely see a pattern evolving depending on whose story I am writing.

Jason’s soundtrack includes:

Jason’s Aldean’s: Tonight Looks Good On You, Night Train, Stay (a little while), My Kinda Party, The Truth, She’s Country

Kenny Chesney’s: Come Over & Somewhere With You

Luke Bryan’s: That’s My Kinda Night & I Don’t Want This Night To End

Lady Antebellum’s: Just A Kiss

I listen to a lot of music. A lot. But these songs just seemed to help Jason ‘move along’. I love it. Characters come to life with music, in my opinion. So, I’m asking…what do you listen to.

What songs do you think I should listen to?

Who do you love?

What do you love?

What songs am I missing out on?

Let me know…I’m all ears;)

Ready or not…

Published December 30, 2016 by nikigreen

So….I printed out Jason’s story and then promptly dropped every single page in the floor. I played a wild game of pick me up for a while. I’ve edited and edited and I’m about to take a deep breath, say a big prayer and hit ‘send’. But I’m hesitating…why??

If I can’t admit it here, I guess I can’t admit it anywhere, I’m a little scared.

I’m not ashamed if being fearful…I think I’m pretty brave for putting those where I can see them. They’ve been running amuck in my mind for far too long. So….Niki…what are you going to do??

I’m going to go back to page one. Read it and then read page two…and when I’ve read all the way to the words ‘The End’…I’m hitting send.

No IF’s, AND’s, or BUT’s about it.  I’ve let all tose negative words and thoughts put my writing on the back burner for far too long. I’m turning that burner off and it’s staying that way.

Ready or not.

Here they come.

Jason Kiel…it’s been long enough, good lookin’. It’s time to cowboy up and go get your ‘happily ever after’


When in doubt…

Published December 5, 2016 by nikigreen

When in doubt…don’t.

I doubt myself all the time. Should I?  Probably not, but I do it anyway. So…I’m not going to do it anymore…I could be lying to myself…but I’m going to do my best not to.

Doubt is what murders a dream. It destroys what could be. I’m not about to murder or destroy what I started so many years ago. I haven’t done the people in my head justice.

They have stories and I want to tell those stories. So, that’s what I’m going to do. I have 209 pages printed and sitting in my lap. I’m about to put a red pen to them and see what happens.

When in doubt…don’t.


Published November 28, 2016 by nikigreen

I have got to be the world’s worst blogger…and I shouldn’t be.

I have all these words in my head that need to go somewhere else. Somewhere where I can see them…instead of only imagining them.

After a long, long time of writing a sentence here or a sentence there they may or may not turn into a paragraph or a chapter… I have started writing again.

My head is full.

It’s long past the point of overwhelming. But, I do have second thoughts about every word I get down on a page. My days are filled with my imaginary world and the people who live in that world. They need to breathe and so do I.

I think that’s why many writers are ‘haunted’ in some form or fashion.

I am.

I’m haunted by people and places that only exist inside of me. I question myself on a daily basis whether what I imagine is ‘good’ enough for others to read? Are those words ‘good’ enough for me to bother writing them down?

Doubts, keep so many dreams at bay.

That’s not fair to the writer or to the dreams.

So, I have challenged myself. I’m not going to be ‘haunted’ (if that what it truly is). I’m going to let my mind breathe and I’m going to let every character, every story, every happily ever after in me have a chance.

They deserve that.

I deserve that.

But, onto my challenge.

I have challenged myself to write everyday and I have a word count in mind. But, that is only the first part of my challenge…this may be the hardest part. At the end of each day, I’m going to blog about what trials I may hav had, if any, on that particular day.

Frustration, is not a writers best friend and screaming at a flickering cursor doesn’t seem to bother cursor at all…it only bothers me. Maybe, if I can make a little room inside of my head, I can allow all the stories in my mind to have a chance.

Maybe, I can give my characters in my head their happily ever after.

Then, perhaps, I can find mine.

When we were Gypsies…

Published May 30, 2016 by nikigreen

My mother.

My brother always called me and my brother gypsies. I don’t know whether it was because of our looks: dark hair (the closest color to black without being black), dark eyes (his the same shade of midnight as hers and mine a shade of whiskey), dark skin that became darker under the sun. 

We stayed in the sun, we thought it shined for us. We ran wild, with a blond haired, blue eyed baby sister in tow, we covered miles day after day in our own backyard. 

When we were gypsies…we cared less.

When we were gypsies…we were free.

When we were gypsies…we wandered without fear.

When we were gypsies…we wondered yet never worried.

When we were gypsies…

Packing…should it really be THIS difficult😤

Published May 29, 2016 by nikigreen

I can remember going to the beach as a teenager and in my early twenties. I packed a small green suitcase that contained these items:swimsuit, beach towel, sun tan lotion, 3 outfits, a pair of flip flops, a makeup bag, money, a couple of good books and sunglasses. 

No more. But today, my list looks like THIS:kid, kids ‘goody’ bag for the trip down and back, sunscreen, sun tan lotion, beaches towels, hair bows, flip flops, at least 6 outfits for her(I have a messy kiddo), favorite toy to sleep with, her favorite pillow, her favorite blanket, money, sunglasses, a few good books I doubt I’ll get to read, Chargers, phones, makeup bag, goggles, pool toys, hats so her head doesn’t get pink…

Ohhhh, the list goes on and on and on. Wish me luck! 

I have to gather everything up and check it off the list before it even goes into the suitcase😂😂